Winter Wonderland

The snow has finally arrived to stay here in southeastern Minnesota and I certainly don’t mind.  Larisa and I have been starting to prepare for the upcoming spring’s garden by researching new varieties to try and evaluating our old standbys. We just got our first seed catalog and our first seed order was sent today. Our indoor lettuce crop is growing well, giving us fresh salads nearly every day. We are trying to finish eating the first planting since the second planting is nearly ready for picking, and the third planting will be seeded in about 2 weeks.

We continue to plan for the possible addition of chickens to our homestead once again, especially now that a flat, well drained spot is prepared next to our heavily fortified orchard for their coop. And Larisa’s days have been filled with wool combing (trying to catch up on a few years fleece backlog), spinning that fleece, and practicing the accordion.

And, after doing some research for another vegetarian friend of ours concerning the balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, I was able to publish a table of Omega-3 to 6 ratios on one of the pages of our website. This was related to the recent discovery that locally grown butternuts from a neighbor’s yard have a very good fatty acid balance. We obtained some seeds from her which are now cold-stratifying for spring planting.

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