With our recent blast of colder weather, due to a sudden southward dip in the Jet Stream, we have taken some time off to get more reading done. Besides the usual technical monthlies Bob checks out from the local library, we often use the library linking feature offered online to find the new releases that we would otherwise have to buy. Larisa’s latest favorite has been “This Life is In Your Hands“, by Melissa Coleman, which tells the story of Elliot Coleman’s first marriage and first homesteading years on land in Maine purchased from Helen & Scott Nearing. If you think that making a profit from the land might be difficult while simultaneously raising young children, building your homestead from scratch, and keeping your sanity intact, this book proves you right. At this point we are just happy to have the potting soil indoors and ready for starting seed trays. And we both really enjoyed the book “Feathers – The Evolution of a Natural Miracle“, by Thor Hanson. If you thought the evolution of the human eye is complex, this too will stretch your thinking processes and possibly improve your appreciation for how well “flying reptiles” adapted to so many ecological niches.

Bob has given up on the battery charger repair previously mentioned. The unit started to show more error codes, indicating that the logic board had seen some extra damage and corrosion from the brief internal insulation fire. Without a circuit schematic, further repairs would be too costly. So an unused charger of similar specifications was found on EV Tradin’ Post that will work nicely without breaking the current owner’s budget.

The big news this spring is that we are rearranging our website’s page structure to include a new page discussing textiles. I am sure that many have looked at our site and wondered why nothing was previously mentioned about what we wear, what we use to furnish our home, why we wear or utilize it, how we either make, remake, or buy it, and how this fits in with the other things we do. As you may have guessed it will deal with sheep’s wool, sheep shearing, combing/carding fleece, yarn spinning, and crochet, weaving, and knitting techniques. This will take some time to organize, but we plan to begin by photographing the many pieces of clothing and household furnishings Larisa has created over the years. And since our site is template-based and limited to 12 pages, we need to fold two current pages together. So we will soon be moving our “Harvesting Electricity” page onto our “Masonry Woodstove” page, renaming it “Harvesting Energy”. The new textile page will be called “Fibers & Threads”, and will be located at the previous URL for “Harvesting Electricity”. With spring right around the corner, best not expect too much too soon! We get very busy very quickly when the weather warms.

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