Yesterday: First Day of Spring or Tenth Day of Summer?

After breaking local high temperature records nine days in the last ten is there still doubt about Climate Change? These records have stood since the Weather Service began in the late 1880’s. A record here and there is understandable but huge dips in the Jet Stream, double the normal number of tornadoes, and enormous snowfalls in Arizona make it pretty obvious that burnt fossil fuels have made an unmistakable imprint. Our fruit trees are budding out WAY early, so if it’s going to be Spring we sure hope it stays that way!

It’s also time for the last of some of the stored foods.  Leeks and red cabbage ran out back in January, but March is when several last appearances usually take place.  On the 9th we used the last of the shallots – from the 2010 harvest.  Yes you read that correctly – they were harvested July 6, 2010 so they were 20 months “old”.  With the early onset of warm weather, there are already spring green onions and chives ready, plus the 2011 harvest of shallots and plenty of dehydrated spring onions from 2011 left.  Beets graced our table for the last time this winter on the 13th, too soon for our liking but we didn’t have a very big harvest.  Need to plant more this year.  And fresh apples were used up on the 18th after many, many meals besides the apple in oatmeal for breakfast each morning.  Now we’re moving on to the store of dried and canned fruit, but we may cut back on their use until this spring weather levels out, in case of crop failure due to early flowering followed by our “normal” spring frosts.  We’ll take a wait and see to decide if we need to stretch our stores further.


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