The Heat, My God, The Heat!

Another month had passed since our last posting.  So much for our resolve to post twice a month, but a lot has happened in the interim.  The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair consumed time and focus in getting ready for presenting 4 workshops on gardening and food storage/preservation.  Every year projects are put on the “After the Fair” waiting list.  Now the weather has gotten too hot to think of much beyond the basics of daily chores.  Fortunately there is a lull in garden harvests so mostly fresh picking for daily meals, although we have dried 8 big Costata Romanesco zucchini, strawberries, and lots of broccoli so some small amount of surplus is making its way to the pantry.  If only there was a lull in the insects and other critters that are pests in the garden.  The pest pressure is the worst we’ve ever seen, and the extreme heat and lack of rain is contributing to the extra workload of trying to produce food this year.  We are not alone in our frustrations as others we’ve talked to in this region are also being challenged by the extremes.  We’re doing the best we can as gardeners to adapt and find solutions to the problems as they occur, but what we all need to do is look beyond the daily grind and find resolutions to the bigger causal factors that are contributing to our situation.  What are we personally going to do about climate change?

We think that the world leaders and powers that be are not going to do anything of use in time.  That leaves it all up to us, the 99% or whatever label we are saddled with, to make the necessary changes.  Can we all pledge as individuals to make radical reductions in our fossil fuel use so we can continue to live on this planet?  Can we make voluntary changes willingly, or will humans greedily continue consuming until there are no other options?  Will you join us in making this commitment?   Downsizing one’s carbon footprint is not all sacrifice.  There is so much to be gained by a life lived in the slow lane – learn new skills as you go, share the knowledge, and perhaps the “100th monkey effect” will make a difference.

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