Alternative Cooking Gas Exploration

Just to updates folks on the “poopane” project (frac-free-methane), we are now producing burnable gas. So much so that I torched the hair off the back of my hand when using a striker to try lighting the gas at the outlet port! For the first couple of weeks it seemed like we must have simply been producing carbon dioxide and other non-combustible gases. I had tried compressing some into an empty 20-pound cylinder and hooking it up to our home’s incoming gas line. The gas stove worked fine on the propane in the line, but as soon as the bio-gas hit the burner it went out and stayed that way. Two weeks later the weather is cooling a bit so the gas production rate is lower, but at least the experiment eventually worked. We still aren’t sure if this process makes sense for us since we don’t normally have to use combustible gas for summer cooking. The newly upgraded solar system is producing enough extra power to easily handle our cooking needs, using the home-made 12-volt oven or the 120-volt Rival cook-tops. When the cold and cloudy part of winter approaches we will be mainly using either the sauna’s wood-burning cook-stove or our home-heating wood-stove for cooking. It’s a pity that the biology of thermogenic bacteria requires such high temperatures. We barely reach them in the summer, and winter, when we might really use the gas, is completely out of the question. Short of moving the whole (potentially explosive) indoors or using some solar/gas-powered heating to bring up the generator temperature, this process may not be ideal for us. But if we ever did have to get really serious about it I now know that it is quite possible, albeit on a possibly bigger scale.

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