Winnowing out the Chaff

Last week we finally finished the winnowing of our grain crops for the season.  We had amaranth and sorghum that had been threshed earlier this fall that needed final cleaning to be of table quality.  Here’s a link to a PDF & Video that shows what we did.

Now that the outdoor work is truly on hold due to several inches of fresh snow, it’s time to get a seed order together for new varieties to try next year.  The first step in this process is going through the stored seed and cleaning out anything that is too old or not to be planted again. Seeds that are edible for chickens end up in the treats bucket and the rest in the compost.

The other major winnowing we finished is on our web site.  We added a site-wide, categorized link listing at the bottom of the home page. The site has gotten so large that we wanted to there to be an easier way to navigate to the multitude of links we have posted. That way, if anyone reads about something and goes looking for it later, they can go to the link list rather than searching back through many pages of text. We hope that this improvement will make our site more useful.

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