Hot Reads for Cold Nights

Everyone once in a while we get into a streak of really good reading.  Here’s some titles we’ve recently come across that we would highly recommend:

The Seed Underground – A Growing Revolution to Save Food by Janisse Ray.  A lyrical look at seed saving, local/slow cuisine, our gardening heritage, the people behind the movement, and more.  Janisse Ray is no friend of Monsanto or GMO foods, and she does a great job of explaining their shortcomings.

Rambunctious Garden – Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World by Emma Marris.  William Stolzenburg, author of Rat Island and Where the Wild Things Were sums it up best, “In Rambunctious Garden, Emma Marris weeds through a jungle of ecological dogma, yanking and hacking at our most cherished perceptions of Nature’s purity.  Marris asks us to look beyond the black-and-white world of pest and weed versus native and natural, and to humbly accept our duty as tenders of a garden rambunctious beyond our ken, but not beyond our care.”

Beautiful Corn – America’s Original Grain from Seed to Plate by Anthony Boutard.  “Much more than a simple how-to-book, Beautiful Corn weaves together this unique plant’s contribution to our culture, its distinctive biology and the practical information needed to grow and enjoy it at home.”  This book helped to clarify the some of the mysteries of corn biology and genetics for us, in a way that was easy to comprehend while being enjoyable to read.  If only we could have read this years ago.

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2 Responses to Hot Reads for Cold Nights

  1. warden says:

    What’s a blog w/o comments? Your website gets constant updates. The site wide link listing is a good thing. Let me suggest a title I recently read….”WATER STORAGE” by Art Ludwig and the crew at Oasis Design..
    It was published in 2009 by Oasis Design Santa Barbara, Ca. isbn 09643433-6-3
    Pretty foundational knowledge for water storage. They purposely kept the price low to make it widely affordable. As well, the website has a wealth of solid information.

  2. admin says:

    Hi “Warden”,

    Yes, does seem to have loads of information, especially pertinent if you live in a MUCH warmer climate than we enjoy. Their stove design is very similar to what we built in our previous home. Their PDFs are well designed and helpful too, but much of their work is only available through books. A great place to visit during a 40 mph blizzard like today!

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