Website Changes

After having a website for many years (2008, I think) we decided it was time for a major overhaul. Those of you who may have looked at lately will have noticed some drastic changes. Despite all of the work involved in getting a garden planted and thriving this spring, we still managed to divide the site into two incarnations. If you were wondering why there were no blog postings since April, now you can see the results.

Our old .com site now deals exclusively with gardening, foods, homesteading, and more specifics of what we have done and continue to do here in SE Minnesota. You will quickly discover its new face-lift, using a new style, fonts, and formats.

The other site, called, deals exclusively with Earth Energy and Electromagnetic Radiation. It is broken down into 5 pages related to each topic and each page covers much more detail.

But every improvement creates some consequences. Since the new editor we are using would not allow us to use the old page file names, your links to familiar pages are no longer valid. For instance, the Food Preservation page formerly labeled as is now broken up into four food-related pages dealing with four-season eating, live-storage, solar food drying, and low-energy cooking, canning and juicing. But Google has site-mapped all of the changes and should be able to quickly directly to what you’d like to see.




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