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Second Edition

Good news! We just completed the 2015 revisions and additions to our book, “Feeding Ourselves – The Four-Season Pantry from Plant to Plate” and it’s back from the print shop. This second edition is eight pages longer (194 pages) and … Continue reading

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Never-Dead Camera Batteries

How many times have you picked up your digital camera to catch some fleeting scene and ended up with a low battery warning? It happened to us far too often. We refuse to use disposable alkaline or lithium batteries, so … Continue reading

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An Off-Grid Energy Storage Option

This winter we had a number of neighbors using off-Grid solar whose battery banks were nearing or at the end of their usable lives. They all were using what are known as “wet cell” lead-acid batteries, not much different than … Continue reading

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Clearly Superior

We were not entirely sure that we would get around to it this fall, but we recently completed the replacement of our clear polycarbonate hoop-shaped greenhouse with a better built, glass-glazed greenhouse. We were getting worried about the old glazing … Continue reading

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Why Blog???

It’s been many months since we’ve posted anything on this blog.  Our last posting was to announce the changes to our two websites, both the .com and the .net.  Since then we’ve been hard at work with projects around the … Continue reading

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Website Changes

After having a website for many years (2008, I think) we decided it was time for a major overhaul. Those of you who may have looked at lately will have noticed some drastic changes. Despite all of the work … Continue reading

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